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সাধারণ তথ্য

প্রত্যেক গ্রামে ৩২জন পুরুষ ও ৩২জন মহিলা আনসার আছে।

প্রত্যেক ইউনিয়ন পরিষদে আনসার প্লাটুন আছে। এর অধীনে ৩২জন জন আনসার আছে।

প্রত্যেক উপজেলায় ১০০জন পুরুষ আনসার সদস্য নিয়ে আনসার কোম্পানী আছে।

প্রতিটি ইউনিয়নে ১জন পুরুষ ও ১জন মহিলা আনসার দলনেতা আছে তাদেরকে সম্মানী ভাতা দেয়া হয়।

উপজেলা পর্যায়ে ১জন আনসার ভিডিপ কর্মকর্তা আছে।

অত্র উপজেলায় পুরুষ প্রশিক্ষের পদ শূন্য আছে।

বর্তমানে ১জন মহিলা প্রশিক্ষক কর্মরত আছে।



Mr. Jamse BuchanonAnsar Bahini was raised on 12 February 1948, to help improve the law and order situation, to act as a militia in case of national emergency and to prepare for socio-economic reconstruction. Mr. James Buchanon (a British) who the first Director of the Ansars. Ansar Bahini was regulated by the Ansars Act, 1948 and the Ansar Rules 1948. Initially officers and members of Ansar Bahini was drawn from the Home Guard. Language martyr Abdul Jabbar was a member of this Bahini.


War of Liberation

Guard of honourIn 1971 most of the members of this Bahini took part in the War of Liberation with more than 40,000 rifles. It was the members of this Bahini who presented the historical guard of honour to the first government of Bangladesh. As a result Pakistani Rulers disbanded the Ansars in 1971. A total of 9 officers and 661 Ansar members sacrificed their lives for our independence. Among them one was awarded the gallantry awards; “Bir Bikram” and the two were “Bir Protik”. After the Liberation War, Ansar Bahini was reactivated by the Government of Bangladesh and was brought under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs.



Achieving National StandardIn the year 1998 Ansar-VDP was awarded National Standard by the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Bahini also earned Independence Award-2004 for its great contribution in Bangladesh sports arena at home and abroad. Through the ages the organization has taken off from voluntarism to professionalism.



The mission of Bangladesh Ansar & VDP is to ensure safety and security of rural Bangladesh, mobilize the force for socio- economic development and to come under operational control of the Army during emergency/war.


Battalion Ansar

Battalion AnsarAt present 16 Ansar Battalions are deployed in CHTs for peace keeping, 9 Battalions are deployed in Special Operation with Police in South-Western part of the country and 13 Battalions are deployed in other areas for task force /mobile court operations and other duties. Members of this Force are presently working with RAB & SSF (RAB has 453 Battalion Ansar, including 150 Female Battalion members and SSF has 02 Assistant Directors-BCS officer). A 20 member contingent served in the UN mission in 2006 as part of a Formed Police Unit.


Embodied Ansar

Embodied AnsarApproximately 40,000 Sadharon Ansars (Male and Female) are embodied and deployed with various organizations for security and protection duty. They are guarding different important KPIs and organizations like airports, sea ports, land ports, industries, public transports, residential zones, power stations, banks, agricultural farms, shopping malls, government offices, RMG industries and also deployed with police for internal security duty, traffic control and maintaining law and order.


Hill Ansar & Hill VDP

Hill Ansar: 600 Sadharon Ansars are embodied as Hill Ansar and deployed with Army in CHTs for security and protection duty. Hill VDP: 7,887 VDP members are embodied and deployed with the Army in CHTs for security and protection duty.



Officers' TrainingOfficers and members of Ansar & VDP undergo various types of training in different training institutions at home and abroad. There are mainly three training institutions in Ansar & VDP. Ansar & VDP Academy at Shafipur, VTC Gazipur and VTC Kolakopa.


Sports, Culture & Band

Medal of Bangladesh Independence AwardAnsar & VDP teams participate in all games and sports of the country. Its female teams are the trophy winners in most of the events. In last Bangladesh Games 2013, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP come out Champions with 111 Gold.

The organization proudly maintains a well-trained cultural team consisting of male and female members. A highly professional and colorful band consisting of male and female members is a unique asset of the organization and the country as well.



ProtirodhFrom 01 October, 1976, monthly magazine, Protirodh is published (10,000 Copies Per Month) under the arrangements of Ansar and VDP HQ. This magazine aims to build awareness among the Ansar-VDP Members and to motivate them about the self employment & income generating activities. Activities of Ansar-VDP organization, success stories of troops, members, officers are highly focused in this magazine. Latest news and events, articles, some pices of literary works are also regularly published in this monthly.


Micro-credit Bank

Battalion AnsarWe have a bank for the Ansar-VDP members, known as Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank, established in 1996. The Ansar VDP bank has been contributing significantly through micro credit in income generating and self reliance programmes for the members of the organization. Presently, it has 190 branches up to Upazilla level. Currently about 25,00,000 (Twenty five lacs) Ansar-VDP members are the share holders of this bank. The recovery rate is about 97%.



The potentials of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP are:

a. It is the largest force of about 6 million members having potentialities to undertake various types of responsibilities related to human security and development.

b. A trained force suitable for unconventional warfare. It may also augment the conventional forces with little training.

c. It has almost equal number of female members. It is the pioneer and a vanguard force working for empowerment of women.

d. It is Cost effective and suitable for a country like ours.

e. Having the ability to gather information quickly.

f. A Motivated volunteer force suited to meet any national emergency. The organization can play a vital role to enhance the capacity of the people to face any kind of disaster.



The main spirits of voluntary enrolment, training, commitment, participation, self-help, patriotism, social capital and good citizenship have turned this force into a vibrant interactive zone to bridge between Government and the People. Our effort would continue to impart realistic training and motivation to all our men and women for the attainment of better tomorrow for our posterity. We are always for PEACE, DISCIPLINE, DEVELOPMENT & SECURITY.


We see